CCBS is a law firm specialized in business law and international law, registered in the Rouen Bar association.

The firm was founded by Maître MERABET Nasser, who wanted to transcribe in the law firm CCBS the values that have always guided his professional practice: the specialisation of the professional practice, respect and listening to clients, transparency and the building of long-term relationships based on trust.

CCBS holds two certificates of specialisation issued by the Conseil National des Barreaux, who is a guarantee of a high level of technical competence and practical expertise in the areas of practice claimed by our law firm.

These certificates are referred to as commercial, business and competition law, and international and European Union law. They cover a wide range of services that enable our law firm to provide companies with clear and understandable legal positions, as well as practical and concrete assistance in decision-making.

These skills cannot be improvised, nor can they be claimed: they have been acquired through long-term work, and a daily, continuous, and repeated practice of the legal profession for more than 10 years.

It is this expertise that we are now applying to our service offerings.

Our values:

Independence: CCBS is accountable only to its clients

Expertise: CCBS has been practising its profession on a daily basis for over 10 years

Transparent pricing: CCBS prices all of its services in advance and by quotation, for an invoice without surprises

Availability: CCBS is a reachable firm, which regularly reports to its clients on the progress of their case

Professional rigor: CCBS treats each of its cases in a personalised manner, the law is a matter that is settled on a case-by-case basis

Multidisciplinary competence: CCBS offers a wide range of services covering all your business law needs